• Eco-friendly Promotional Bags & Garment Covers



    BagsBuzz is a manufacturer of garment covers and carrier bags, offering production in custom designs and printed-to-order in flexible quantities at extremely competitive prices.

    BagsBuzz produces eco-bags for retailers, department stores, chain stores and distributors in Europe, North America and Japan. BagsBuzz carriers are durable and recyclable. Re-use of the bags adds advertising value and is better for the environment.


    Durable promotional bags for long lasting use and branding. 


    Our bags are re-used over and over. Made from recyclable material.


    Say NO to single-use plastic and paper bags. 

    Production in custom designs and printed-to-order in flexible quantities.
  • Bags for Menswear


    The best packaging for menswear brands and retailers.

    Womans wear


    Great looking and handy branded bags for your fashion brand or shops. 

    Bridal Fashion Bags


    BagsBuzz dress covers last for years and years and protect against humidity and stains. 

    Event and Fair Bags


    Goodie Bags, Gift Bags, Trade Fair bags, Promo-Bags


    Select a specific bag design. BagsBuzz will advise use of materials and specifications to match your project. You can decide on size, material, printing and options.


    We can help create an original design or adapt an existing style for your needs. The materials are available in basic colours and for larger productions in Pantone™ colours. Logo artwork can be printed in any Pantone™ colour.


    BagsBuzz can handle any design in size, complexity and colour scheme, on any material, using various printing technique. Dramatic effects can be reached by combining materials and parts in several colours, multi coloured artwork in laser sharp screen prints and accessories and components in desired colours.


    BagsBuzz can recommend covers and bags for specific buyers, such as fashion houses, menswear brands, bridal retailers, moving companies, supermarkets, recycling promotors, student organisations and airlines.

    Garment Covers

    The best packaging for a suit or costume and a great gift!

    For menswear brands and retailers, moving companies, hotels, airlines, business travel, executive gifts.




    • Standard styles or by custom design.

    • Standard size is 110*61cm or to your specification.

    • Materials: PE(VA),PP non woven (TNT),nylon/polyester or cotton.

    • Colours: Available in a variety of standard colours and, depending on the order quantity, in any specific colour.

    • Quality: From light to standard to luxury.

    • Options: Zippers, eyelets, stitched binding, windows in round, oval and rectangular shape and transparent card pockets. Pocket for shirts. Handles for folding and carrying. Gussets for an extra suit or dress Screen printing in any colour.

    • The minimum order quantity is 2,000 pieces.

    Bridal and Ball Dress Covers

    An excellent dress cover for protection, storage and branding!

    For bridal dress brands and boutiques to pack dresses for brides, brides maids, flower girls and ballroom dancers.




    • Standard styles or by custom design.

    • Standard size is 180cm*61cm*20cm or to your specification.

    • Materials: PE(VA), PP non woven (TNT).

    • Colours: Availlable in a variety of standard colours: Typically white or cream.

    • Quality: Standard and luxury.

    • Options: Zippers,eyelets,stitched binding,windows in round,oval and rectangular card pockets. Handles for folding and carrying. Screen printing in any colour.

    • The minimum order quantity is 500 pieces for dress covers.

    Carrier Bags

    Strong, colourful and handy bags.

    For fashion, footwear and general retailers, trade fairs, clubs, conferences, parties and other events.




    • Bright colourful artwork, material with gloss or matt lamination.

    • Long-term use for advertising value and friendly on the environmental.

    • PP Woven is inexpensive, lightweight, waterproof, colour-fast and sturdy.

    • Minimum order quantity is 5000 pieces.


    How to order?
    Similar to ordering with a local wholesaler. After you agree on our quotation, you will receive a pro-forma invoice. Upon pre-payment, we will prepare a pre-production sample for your approval. After your confirmation, we will start production.


    What is the lead-time?

    It takes approximately 3-4 weeks to prepare the materials and print screens/plates for production set-up and to make the first sample. Upon approval, the production lead-time is 30 to 45 days. Sea freight and delivery to a European address requires about 30 days. Thus the total process takes 3-4 months from order to delivery and can be reduced by using airfreight.


    Could you explain the production process?
    After receiving your order, we will prepare a pre-production sample for your approval. Only after approval of this sample, we will start production.
    The products are checked at all stages in the manufacturing process by the factory's quality inspectors. After production you will receive a bulk production sample to show the shipped quality.
    After our final QC inspection, the goods will be shipped out by air or sea freight. Your final payment should be arranged after we have send you the Bill of Lading copy and timely before the vessel or aircraft arrives at you nearest sea- or airport, to avoid port storage costs.


    Quality assurance?
    We aim for the long-term and ship the quality and quantity as agreed. Our European Quality Control team will ensure our products meet your expectations. See factory link for our QC process.


    Any additional costs?
    Our prices are stated in US-dollars and normally follow DDP terms to your door by sea or air. The price includes design, development, sampling, production, sea freight, customs handling, import duty and delivery straight to your door. Thus there are no additional costs. Our forwarder will contact you upon arrival of the goods in your country to arrange applicable VAT and a delivery time. Other trade terms, such as FOB and CFR can be arranged upon request.


    Why an advance payment?
    We compete on quality and on price. Credit risk, trade finance, factoring or other collection costs are not included, easily an extra 5-10% price advantage for you. The first payment is used for materials, print set-up and pre-production sampling.


    Minimum order quantities?
    Our minimum order is only 500 pieces for dress covers, 2000 pieces for garment covers and 5000 pieces for carrier bags.


    Why BagsBuzz products?

    Buying directly from the factory will ensure significant savings. All orders are handled with care and attention. Quick response in understandable English, Dutch or German. Flexibility to arrange small orders. Not limited to a wholesaler's collection, any desired model and print is available. Details like windows, trims and zippers can be applied to your preferences.

    Depending on quantity you can choose material in any Pantone color or select a stock color.
    We provide design services free of charge.

    BagsBuzz is operated by Potketel Limited, registered in Hong Kong.


    Can you supply to smaller clients as well?

    We handle orders from small retailers up to large international buying offices and wholesalers. All our clients get the same attention and best prices. Our minimum order depends on the style, material and quantity.


    Key Points:

    • BagsBuzz delivers straight to your door, anywhere in the world. The quoted price (at DDP terms aka Free House) includes all production, transportation, customs and delivery costs, as well as the paperwork.

    • BagsBuzz helps with development and design services, free of charge.

    • Our Quality Control team inspects all production stages to meet your product expectations.

    • Samples are made before production for your approval.

    • For a quotation request, contact BagsBuzz with your desired bag style, specifications, preferably supported with a sketch or photo and your contact details.

    Call us or let us call you back!


    Welcome to the production floor. The monthly production capacity is about 1 million bags and covers, produced by an 800+ workforce.


    Our materials are made locally or imported. Frequently used materials are stocked. The materials are cut to component pieces upon arrival and then sent to the printing floor.

    Silk screen and offset printing facilities provide efficient and clean printing of any artwork in any Pantone colour.

    Then the components are checked and forwarded for production. The bags are stitched and accessories are added, before packing in export cartons for shipment by sea- or airfreight.


    The entire manufacturing process is supervised by our quality inspectors. Internationally accepted labour law and practices are followed.


    Pre-production samples are made for your approval and additionally you will receive a production sample to represent the shipped quality.

    Quality Control

    At the beginning of the production process, we do a visual check on the quality of components, materials, accessories.


    When at least 20% - 30% of the goods have been completed, we do an inspection against client specifications and/or reference samples, to predict any possible problems and make recommendations, and so as to verify that your product specifications are being met early.


    Our inspectors perform a pre-shipment Inspection when the goods are 100% completed, packed and ready for shipment. Randomly select samples are checked following MIL-STD-105E (ISO2859-1).


    When loading, our inspectors check product information, quantity and packaging; supervise the loading process under correct and clear working clauses and working processes.


    If you have request for a quotation, our brochure or newsletter or looking for a job,
    leave it here and we will revert to you ASAP. See our contact information below this form.